Sue is a certified Equine Practitioner having successfully completed an examination following a 270 Learning Unit Equine Acupressure Program with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institution, which included the theory and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in December 2007.
Certificates for successful completion include: Equine Acupressure and 5  Element Theory in November 2005 Equine – Meridian Theory in June  2006 Traditional Chinese Medicine Indicators and Assessment in June 2007 Equine Pathology October 2009
With over 25 years practical experience in the agricultural industry, where Sue gained insight into biomechanical interpretation and the seasonal influence over nutrition, the opportunity to venture into the world of academia arose in 2000 when she was accepted into Aberystwyth University to study an Equine Science BSc (Hons) course.  The following 7 years saw a developing enthusiasm for Natural Medicine and Nutrition (2003/4) and Biomechanics (2006/7) which provided a foundation complementing the Acupressure.
Is the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that enables the Tallgrass Acupressure Practitioner to use specific acupoints to resolve or expedite the healing of common health issues such as: Back pain or hindquarter weakness Tendon and ligament issues Joint and bone problems Colic or digestive issues Fertility irregularities Emotional or behavioural issues
TCM has been used for thousands of years to maintain the natural balance required for good health and well being.  Acupressure is the palpation of points used by Acupuncturists but without the needles.  It is the palpating of these acupoints, combined with observations of any physical manifestations that allows acupressure to be used effectively to relieve muscular spasms, strengthen muscles, tendons, joints and bones. 
TCM is not a substitute for Veterinary medicine and, in the event of an emergency veterinary advice should always be sought first.  It does however, provide a complementary support for you and your vet to identify areas of pain, expedite healing and strengthen the immune system.
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Sue now works in West Wales and enjoys spending time with her horses and ponies.  ‘Natural Horsemanship has enabled me to establish the kind of relationship with my ponies that I took for grant when I was a child.  Understanding it compliments the work that I do because our energy, how we use it and its affects are key to our everyday lives.  I just love it!’
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